A caching integration for Yosai

caching, yosai, python, redis, security
pip install yosai-dpcache==0.3.0


Yosai DPCache: "DogPile" Cache Integration

This is a Yosai integration using a fork of the dogpile project, authored by Mike Bayer.

The dogpile project consists of two sub-projects: dogpile.core and dogpile.cache. Yosai_DPCache is a fork of these projects, replacing pickle-based serialization with serialization supported by Yosai and making a few other customizations.


Yosai reduces objects to their serializable form using the marshmallow library, encodes the "reductions" with msgpack, json, or other encoding scheme, and then caches the objects.

Objects obtained from cache are de-serialized back into their reduced forms and then re-materialized into Yosai objects.


Install YosaiDPCache from PyPI using pip: pip install yosai_dpcache


A YosaiDPCache.DPCacheHandler can be configured through one of two ways:

  • Option 1: YAML Config File

    1. Define a system environment variable, YOSAI_CACHE_SETTINGS, that points to the location of cache_settings.yaml file and make sure that the file permissions make it readable.

    2. Instantiate a DPCacheHandler without arguments.

  • Option 2: instantiate a DPCacheHandler, passing all of the required arguments (see cachehandler.py and settings.py for detail)

Dev Status (as of YosaiDPCache v0.0.5)

Redis is Ready for Use

Only Redis support has been implemented and ad-hoc tested.

Unit testing is Pending

Integrated testing of yosai includes YosaiDPCache, and so YosaiDPCache is included with automated testing. However, YosaiDPCache needs its own unit tests covering its customizations.