AWS login CLI

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pip install zalando-aws-cli==


Zalando AWS CLI

This package provides the zaws command line utility to exchange OAuth tokens for temporary AWS credentials by calling the AWS Credentials Service.


The zalando-aws-cli package is part of the stups bundle:

$ sudo pip3 install -U stups
$ stups configure


$ zaws list                  # list all allowed account roles
$ zaws login myacc RoleName  # write ~/.aws/credentials

You can configure your default account/role to only run zaws:

$ zaws set-default myacc RoleName
$ zaws

There are multiple ways of abbreviating the command line:

$ zaws li            # command can be abbreviated
$ zaws login myacc   # only the account name is needed if you have only one role
$ zaws alias myalias myacc PowerUser # create an alias
$ zaws lo myalias    # use the alias

Use -h to get a list of commands and help:

$ zaws -h        # list top-level commands
$ zaws login -h  # help on the "login" command

Running locally

You can run the module directly during development:

$ python3 -m zalando_aws_cli list
$ python3 -m zalando_aws_cli login myacc PowerUser

Unit tests

$ sudo pip3 install tox
$ tox