Zerrphix is for HDI DUNE network media players that can utilise the dune_http:// functionality

pip install zerrphix==0.1.9.dev1



Zerrphix is new HDI DUNE index and skinner written in python.

The major difference between Zerrphix and other HDI Dune indexers and skinners is that Zerrphix uses the dune_http functionality. This essentially means that the UI structure is obtained from a web server rather than a folder structure using dune_folder.txt (e.g. Yadis).

It should be noted that there is a big caveat to using Zerrphix which is that a Linux computer needs to be running Zerrphix (pretty much 24/7) for the dune to be able to use the Zerrphix UI at any time. The raspberry pi has been tested and looks to be suitable.


  • Real-time dynamic menu structure generation
  • Designed to be full automated such that once a new film/show is detected and processed, from a pre configured scan path, it is available on the Zerrphix UI.
  • Highly customisable menu structure/templates
  • Multi user support
  • Template per user support
  • Shows last film/show watched on user's main menu
  • Continue and Watch Next functionality for TV Show Episodes
  • Favourites/To Watch for Film and TV
  • Each user can have their own language set
  • Each user can have a customised title, overview for film/show/show episode
  • Multi Dune support