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pip install zigpy==0.2.0



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zigpy is Zigbee protocol stack integration project to implement the Zigbee Home Automation standard as a Python 3 library.

Zigbee Home Automation integration with zigpy allows you to connect one of many off-the-shelf Zigbee adapters using one of the available Zigbee radio library modules compatible with zigpy to control Zigbee based devices. There is currently support for controlling Zigbee device types such as binary sensors (e.g., motion and door sensors), sensors (e.g., temperature sensors), lightbulbs, switches, and fans. A working implementation of zigbe exist in Home Assistant (Python based open source home automation software) as part of its ZHA component

Compatible hardware

zigpy works with separate radio libraries which can each interface with multiple USB and GPIO radio hardware adapters/modules over different native UART serial protocols. Such radio libraries includes bellows (which communicates with EZSP/EmberZNet based radios), zigpy-xbee (which communicates with XBee based Zigbee radios), and as zigpy-deconz for deCONZ serial protocol (for communicating with ConBee and RaspBee USB and GPIO radios from Dresden-Elektronik). There are also experimental radio libraries called zigpy-zigate for communicating with ZiGate based radios and zigpy-cc for communicating with Texas Instruments based radios based radios that have custom Z-Stack coordinator firmware.

Known working Zigbee radio modules

Experimental support for additional Zigbee radio modules

Release packages available via PyPI

Packages of tagged versions are also released via PyPI

How to contribute

If you are looking to make a contribution to this project we suggest that you follow the steps in these guides:

Some developers might also be interested in receiving donations in the form of hardware such as Zigbee modules or devices, and even if such donations are most often donated with no strings attached it could in many cases help the developers motivation and indirect improve the development of this project.

Developer references

Silicon Labs video playlist of ZigBee Concepts: Architecture basics, MAC/PHY, node types, and application profiles

Related projects

ZHA Device Handlers

ZHA deviation handling in Home Assistant relies on on the third-party ZHA Device Handlers project. Zigbee devices that deviate from or do not fully conform to the standard specifications set by the Zigbee Alliance may require the development of custom ZHA Device Handlers (ZHA custom quirks handler implementation) to for all their functions to work properly with the ZHA component in Home Assistant. These ZHA Device Handlers for Home Assistant can thus be used to parse custom messages to and from non-compliant Zigbee devices. The custom quirks implementations for zigpy implemented as ZHA Device Handlers for Home Assistant are a similar concept to that of Hub-connected Device Handlers for the SmartThings Classics platform as well as that of Zigbee-Shepherd Converters as used by Zigbee2mqtt, meaning they are each virtual representations of a physical device that expose additional functionality that is not provided out-of-the-box by the existing integration between these platforms.