Unofficial interface

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pip install zmote==2017.7


Unofficial interface

This module serves as a Python interface for the IoT gadget- it's basically a USB-powered, WiFI connected IR blaster.

The module was written using the API documentation and tested against two real devices.


This module supports the discovery of devices via multicast and interacting with devices via HTTP or TCP; in all instances communication is directly with the device (and not via the cloud application).

To install for use standalone/in your project

pip install zmote

To passively discover all devices on your network until timeout (30 seconds)

python -m zmote.discoverer

To actively discover two devices on your local network

python -m zmote.discoverer -l 2 -a

To passively discover a particular device on your local network (e.g. in case of DHCP)

python -m zmote.discoverer -u CI001f1234

To put a device into learn mode via TCP

python -m zmote.connector -t tcp -d -c learn

To tell a device to send an IR signal via HTTP

python -m zmote.connector -t http -d -c send -p 1:1,0,36000,1,1,32,32,64,32,32,64,32,3264

To install for further development


Clone the repo

git clone

cd zmote

Build the virtualenv

mkvirtualenv zmote

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Run the tests

py.test -v