Adds OR logic to ActiveRecord

gem install active_record_or -v 1.0.1


ActiveRecord OR

Let's say you were trying to implement a SOPA enforcement tool:

class Blog < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :author
  scope :infringing,         where("artist_mentions_count > 0")
  scope :main_competition,   where("competition_rank > 7")
  scope :generally_disliked, where("subjective_dislike_rating > 3")

This would let you write handy things like

to_blacklist = Blog.infringing.or.main_competition.or.generally_disliked
to_harass    = Blog.joins(:author).where('' => 'Julian')\

Also, if you call or on a condition-less scope, it will be ignored:

Blog.scoped.or.where(:name => 'Julian')

This means you can start off the query with an or, in case you don't know the state of the scope.

The end.


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Dispite the name of the gem, I'll probably add not logic also. Seems like or and not are really all that's missing from AR scopes.