Rails asset pipeline plugin and CSS mappings for the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce http://www.entypo.com

gem install entypo-rails -v 3.0.0


Lukas Westermann Marco Plüss Alexander Lozada Vojtech Rinik brchristian Edward Betts Rodel Medina Michael Kirk

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An asset pipeline plugin for Rails to easily add the Entypo icon font faces and an initial set of icon classes.


The Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce http://www.entypo.com/ are provided in vendor. These pictograms are licensed under CC BY 3.0 and the font unter SIL Open Font License.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'entypo-rails'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Then start your server and open



Either use the provided mappings, based on icons-... and the :before:

// application.css
*= require entypo
@charset "UTF-8";
<!-- some_template.html... -->
This is cool <i class="icon-thumbs-up"></i>.
Fork it on <i class="icon-social-github"></i>.

or just include the entypo font face and do the mappings yourself, go to http://localhost:3000/entypo/charmap in your browser for a list of all unicode codepoints and CSS classes. This is only available in development mode. Alternatively check out entypo.scss, the social font is prefixed with .icon-social-.

// application.css
//= require entypo-fonts
@charset "UTF-8";

// icons.scss (or wherever)
i.cool { font-family: 'entypo' }
i.cool:before { content: "\1F44D"; }
<!-- some_template.html... -->
This is cool <i class="cool"></i>.


Change the icon prefix

Simply add an initializer like e.g. config/initializers/entypo.rb and add:

Entypo.css_prefix = "my-icon"

After setting a new prefix restart your server and ensure to clear the Rails asset caches in tmp/cache/asset, otherwise the new prefix might not be picked up correctly.

Note: that the value is not checked, thus ensure to use onlu valid CSS class names.

Enable the /entypo/charmap in a non-development environment

By default entypo-rails only enables the /entypo/charmap route in the development environment. To enable it in another environment open the environment specific configuration file from config/environments/<env>.rb and append:

# at the end of the file...
Entypo.charmap = true

Customize the charmap path (or add authorization etc.)

To use a custom URL for to display the charmap, first disable the automatic route generation by adding an initializer e.g. config/initializers/entypo.rb with:

Entypo.charmap = false

Then add a new route to your application's config/routes.rb file:

Your::Application.routes.draw do
  # other routes...
  get '/custom/path/to/charmap', to: 'entypo/charmap#index'


The prefix icon clashes with the prefix defined by bootstrap and thus I'm not able to use entypo icons.

The prefix can be changed by setting Entypo.css_prefix = "e-icon" in an initializer. Ensure that after changing the prefix the caches in tmp/cache/assets should be cleared, otherwise it can happen that the prefix is not picked up during development.

In production, the fonts are digested to entypo- 4a74efb3ed26fe0c57556bcc0b7e871f... Meanhwile it's just entypo.eot in the CSS file, without the digest. Therefore the font cannot be loaded!

When compiling assets ensure to set the correct RAILS_ENV, otherwise assets or not digested in the CSS files. See this discussion for more, or simply ensure to run:

RAILS_ENV=production rake assets:precompile



  • Set minimum requirement to Rails 4.1+
  • Fixed deprecation warnings #15
  • Fixed entypo font previews at /entypo/charmap


  • Fixed google-plus icon names, #16 by @medinarodel


  • Ensure .erb files are included within packaged gem
  • Fixed route drawing code to enable /entypo/charmap again
  • Added icon prefix option, based on #9 thx @xdite


  • Added webkit font smooting #8, by @vojto


  • Fix /_entypo/charmap to load correct stylesheet from app/assets
  • Switch to use UTF-8 encoded chars, by @michaelkirk


  • Rails 4 compatibility: only css & js files are precompiled from vendor/assets


  • Breaking: combined entyo and entypo social font, so entypo-social font family no longer exists
  • #2, #3, fixed display issues on Opera


  • Bugfix release for Rails asset pipeline


  • Initial release, with entypo fonts from 2012-10-31


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