A SubSpawn subproject to wrap Win32 as a mid level API

ffi-bindings, jruby, native, posix, ruby, subprocess
gem install subspawn-win32 -v 0.2.0.pre1


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Ruby SubSpawn (Native)

SubSpawn is an advanced set of gems and packages to make natively spawning subprocesses from all Ruby implementations possible. It started out as a way to add PTY.spawn support to JRuby, but is usable by CRuby (MRI) and TruffleRuby.

There are 3 levels of API's supported: basic/ffi, mid-level, and high-level. Basic/ffi support is simply the ffi wrapper and has no other Ruby support. The mid-level API is specific to the host (POSIX, Win32), but otherwise has a more Ruby-like interface and avoids raw pointers. The high-level API is as consistent as possible across all platforms, and hews closely to standard Rubyisms.

The primary feature of SubSpawn is the ability to control advanced attributes of launched subprocesses such as specifying the controlling TTY, changing file descriptors, and pgroup and setsid configuration.

Platform Basic/FFI Mid-level High-level
Linux ffi-bindings-libfixposix subspawn-posix subspawn
Mac OS
Windows subspawn-win32
JVM/Jar subspawn-jar


For now, subspawn uses hard dependencies, but this may change.

Using JRuby 9.4 or later? A compatible version of SubSpawn is already installed!

For POSIX systems (MacOS, Linux, etc...):

$ gem install subspawn subspawn-posix

For Windows systems:

$ gem install subspawn subspawn-win32


require 'subspawn'
# or, to replace the built in spawn methods:
# require 'subspawn/replace'

What is in this repository


  • libfixposix (build only, subrepository, for ffi-generator)
  • ffi-generator (build only)
  • ffi-bindings-libfixposix (gem)
  • ffi-binary-libfixposix (native gem)
  • engine-hacks (native gem)
  • subspawn-common (gem)
  • subspawn-posix (gem)
  • subspawn-win32 (gem)
  • subspawn (gem)
  • jruby-jar (gem/jar building utilities)


The underlying library used is libfixposix. Currently the most recent and most widely distributed version in distros is 0.4.3. However, it doesn't support features we need, so we bundle 0.5.0. In order to use libfixposix, you must configure the build, or just remove the #if @VAR@ statements in the headers. See where ffi-generator complains to know what to remove.


ffi_gen takes the libfixposix include headers and generates ruby ffi bindings for ffi-bindings-libfixposix. It it tailored specifically to this project and not generally portable at this time, but patches are welcome


Raw bindings to libfixposix. binary not included, but attempts to load if present. No translation, pure pointers. Usable if you want to use libfixposix in unrelated Ruby code. Generated output is ffi.rb to map all C functions to Ruby.


A compiled binary gem of libfixposix in case you do not have or do not want to use a system-installed library. Use require 'libfixposix/binary' to get the path.

Note that to support cross-compiling, rake tasks are nonstandard. See rake -T -a for all options, but in essence, for local development, rake local will build a gem file in pkg/ as usual, that you can gem install pkg/*.gem. For building for publishing, try rake cross:$TARGET or rake "target[x86_64-linux]" gem (change target as appropriate). To just build the .so files, rake binary (local host) or rake "binary[$TARGET]" should be called.


Ruby engine-specific hacks. Currently used to set $? in a platform-independent manner, as well as to make IO.popen "fake duplex" IO objects. C extension for MRI and TruffleRuby, JI for JRuby. Entirely independent of SubSpawn, and can be used externally.


Utilities common to all subspawn platforms and API's.


The mid-level API for Unixy machines. Exposes all the capabilities of libfixposix with none of the hassle of C or FFI. Look at the included RBS file for all methods and types. Also includes minimal PTY opening helper.


The mid-level API for Windows machines. Win32 API's are exposed via FFI, then regularized via the mid-level API, like subspawn-posix. Also includes an early PTY <-> ConPTY translation layer. Yes, you heard that right, on Windows! (Require ConPTY from Windows 10 1803 or later)

Note: PTY's currently work best on CRuby. JRuby support is being worked on, this gem will eventually ship with JRuby once this is fixed.


The unified high-level API for all Ruby platforms. Also includes post-launch utilities and a PTY library implementation. The main interface is SubSpawn.spawn() which is modeled after Process.spawn, but with extended features. These extended features can be brought into Process.spawn itself with subspawn/replace. This lets Open3 and other utilities that pass args to spawn also benefit from the extra features of SubSpawn.


  • 0.1 - intial release (DONE)
  • 0.2 - windows (WIP, everything except PTY's should work right now though)
  • 0.3 - install-time builds
  • 0.4 - better validation/errors

Please note that SubSpawn is still in its infancy and is being actively developed.

API guarantees:

  • Rubyspec will continue to pass (Process.spawn & PTY.spawn are compatble with Subspawn.compat*)
  • subspawn-$PLATFORM may change from 0.1 to 0.2, etc
  • subspawn (high-level) will otherwise use semantic versioning


After checking out the repo, run bundle install to install dependencies. Then, run bundle exec rake dev to set up a working environment.

To build the binary locally for development (highly recommended): cd ffi-binary-libfixposix && rake local

To install these gem onto your local machine, run bundle exec rake build and install all the gems with gem install */pkg/*.gem.

Test by integrating into JRuby. Notable tests:

  • io/console. check out and run TESTOPTS="--verbose" jruby -S rake test
  • rspec tests. check out jruby and run bin/jruby -S rake spec:ruby, looking for spawn or PTY errors

For local JRuby integration testing, consider running rerun --no-notify --ignore 'java-jar/*' 'cd java-jar && rake' after you export JRUBY_DIR to the path to your jruby source checkout

For unit testing, subspawn and subspawn-posix have rspec tests that run on MacOS & Linux, while subspawn-win32 has rspec tests that run on Windows.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


SubSpawn is licensed under a tri EPL/LGPL/Ruby license. You can use it, redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the:

Eclipse Public License version 2.0 OR GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (or later) OR Ruby License