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Built with cargo-make

Extracts the current rust compiler information.


This library main goal is to provide development/build tools such as cargo-make the needed information on the current rust installation and setup.


Simply include the library and invoke the get function to pull all info as follows:

fn main() {
    let rust_info = rust_info::get();

    println!("Version: {}", rust_info.version.unwrap());
    println!("Channel: {:#?}",;
    println!("Target Arch: {}", rust_info.target_arch.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));
    println!("Target Env: {}", rust_info.target_env.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));
    println!("Target OS: {}", rust_info.target_os.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));
    println!("Target Pointer Width: {}", rust_info.target_pointer_width.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));
    println!("Target Vendor: {}", rust_info.target_vendor.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));
    println!("Target Triple: {}", rust_info.target_triple.unwrap_or("unknown".to_string()));


In order to use this library, just add it as a dependency:

rust_info = "^0.3.1"

API Documentation

See full docs at: API Docs


See contributing guide

Release History

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Developed by Sagie Gur-Ari and licensed under the Apache 2 open source license.