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npm install @mindhive/documents@1.0.0-alpha.3


Mindhive Packages

Monorepo for our NPM packages using Lerna and with inspiration from Bable and Jest

Getting started

  1. First thing run yarn bootstrap to install npm dependencies, compile build scripts and build any packages


  1. yarn new <package> creates a new package
  2. yarn build builds all packages not ignored
  3. yarn clean:build deletes all compiled packages
  4. yarn clean:all runs clean:build then deletes all node_modules for all packages and the project
  5. yarn pub not implemented yet....


in root dir

  • yarn bootstrap will:

    1. Clean any compiled code and npm packages
    2. Install all project and sub package npm dependencies
    3. Compile build scripts from ES6 source
    4. Compile all packages
  • yarn new package-name:

    1. Creates src/packages/package-name
    2. Copies ./init/default-package -> ./packages/package-name
    3. Runs npm init in ./packages/package-name pulling default values from ./init/npm-init.js
  • yarn build builds src/packages/* -> ./packages/*

    1. runs the build.js script
    2. Iterates over packages building each in turn
    3. No need to update EVERY package if we change our build :)
    4. mhpconfig,json sets packages to ignore
  • yarn test runs the test script in each package

    1. By default, all test scripts point to ./scripts/
    2. No need to update EVERY package if we change our build :)
  • yarn clean:build removes all ./packages/*

  • yarn clean:all removes all ./node_modules && ./src/packages/*/node_modules and runs clean:build


  "mindhive-packages": "0.0.1",
  "ignore": [
  "sourcePath": "./src/packages",
  "outPath": "./packages",

  "registry": "",


  |-compiled_scripts    ....    DON'T EDIT, see src/scripts    
  |-init                ....    template/defaults for new package    
  |-packages            ....    our COMPILED npm packages
  |-- scripts           ....    scripts ES6 source
  |-- packages          ....    packages ES6 source