Map tile server for JSON GL styles - serving vector tiles

npm install @pirxpilot/tileserver-gl-tiny@3.1.0


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TileServer GL Tiny

This is a slimmed down clone of the tileserver-gl package. It's intended to be used as a standalone server for tiles in mbtiles format.

The following features of the original are not supported:

  • server side rasterization
  • font server - if needed use map-glyph-server
  • CORS support - if needed use behind NGINX or alternative


npm install -g @pirxpilot/tileserver-gl-tiny

You will also need mbtiles


tileserver-gl-tiny --config path/to/config/file

Config file can be in .json or yaml. If config file name is not specified tilesrc config file is located according to the rules describe in the rc project.

Config file example:

port = 5080
max-age = 10d


; this is where .mbtiles files are located
root = /var/lib/tiles


mbtiles = planet.mbtiles

; add more [data.xxx] section to serve additional .mbtiles


Most of the tileserver-gl documentation is relevant - specifically parts related to conig format.