Browser code for the just-login-core and just-login-emailer

just login
npm install just-login-client@2.0.2


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Create a server:

var db = require('level')('./databases/core')
var core = require('just-login-core')(db)
var sessionState = require('just-login-session-state')(core, db)
var server = require('http').createServer()
var sock = require('')(core, sessionState)

sock.install(server, '/dnode-example')

Create a client:

var justLoginClient = require('')

var client = justLoginClient('/dnode-example', function (err, newApi, sessionId) {
    if (!err) {
        //do stuff with the api

client.on('session', function (session) {
    if (session.continued) {
        console.log('Reusing my session:', session.sessionId)
    } else {
        console.log('New session:', session.sessionId)
client.on('authenticated', function (email) {
    console.log(email + ' just got logged in!')


var client = require('')

Server Side

var sock = client(core, sessionState)

var sock = client(core, sessionState)
sock.install(http.createServer(), '/dnode')

Client Side

var emitter = client(dnodeEndpoint, cb)

This function handles remembering the session id in the browser's local storage.

  • dnodeEndpoint is a string for the endpoint that dnode uses for communication. The string must start with a forward slash /.
  • cb is a function that has the following arguments:
    • err is either null or an Error object.
    • newApi is an object with methods from just-login-core and just-login-session-state, but with the sessionId pre-bound:
      • beginAuthentication(contactAddress, [cb]) from just-login-core
      • isAuthenticated(cb) from just-login-session-state
      • unauthenticate([cb]) from just-login-session-state
      • sessionExists(cb) from just-login-session-state
    • sessionId is the new (or previous, when applicable) session id.
  • Returns emitter which can emit the following events:
    • session is emitted when a session is initiated. An object is emitted with the following properties:
      • sessionId The id for the current session. E.g. 3879533a-1f34-11e4-a8de-c92c3319c4e0
      • continued Whether or not the session was continued from a previous session. E.g. true, false
    • authenticated is emitted when the user gets authenticated.
      • email is the email of the user who logged in. E.g.
emitter.on('session', function (data) {
    console.log(data.continued) //boolean for if the session was continued or newly created
    console.log(data.sessionId) //string for the session id

emitter.on('authenticated', function (whom) {
    t.ok(whom, 'got authenticated')
    t.equal(whom, fakeEmailAddress, 'correct email (new)')


Install with npm

npm install