Facade/Wrapper utility library over WebdriverIO basic commands

npm install wdio-facade@1.0.6



Facade/Wrapper utility library over WebdriverIO basic commands. This library is dependent on gtaa-interface-ts, which is a generic TypeScript interface with the purpose of providing an abstraction layer for automation JavaScript/TypeScript automation tools.

Abstraction Layer

Now, what do we mean by abstraction layer? According to ISTQB TAE as well as experience working with automation tools, they often get absolete in a couple of years or new better tools appear all the time on the market, and if we want to avoid having to rewrite all automation projects from scratch for each new framework that will appear in the future, better just build an abstraction layer over the tool that can be used by the business logic of TAS while designing automated test cases and decouple the device/browser interaction from the TAS Business Logic and allow the TAE to easily replace the tool being used with another at any moment in time, without too much impact on the previous hard work put into building the TAS. TAF_Design