Open streetmap editor for Umbraco

umbraco, OSM, OpenStreetMap, propertyeditor, google, maps
Install-Package Umbraco.OpenStreetMap-propertyeditor -Version 2.0.0-alpha-20190226


OSM property editor for umbraco

An Umbraco v7 OpenStreetMaps


  1. Install the NuGet package


  1. Build the solution, drop the assembly in the bin folder of your Umbraco v7 installation
  2. Drop the App_Plugins folder from this repo into the corresponding folders of your Umbraco v7 installation


  1. Create a new datatype of type "OSM Picker" and add a property of this new datatype in any of your document types.
  2. click the map to place a marker

Bugs, feedback or suggestions

Please add any bugs or feature request to the issue tracker. Or give me shout at @dampeebe.


__ This packages was based on the Google Maps package