A little command helper for laravel artisan

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A little helper for delevopers


Via Composer

$ composer require falconshady/basher


php artisan basher:clean

clear all laravel cache's and regenerate composer using cache:clear, route:clear, view:clear, config:clear, clear-compiled and composer dump-autoload -o

php artisan basher:env {environment}

set .env params to a desired enviroment, add {environment} argument to change; need a file .env.[envname] to copy params

php artisan basher:file {option} {filepath}

hide/show a file that you do not want to commit, add argument {option} to hide/show file and add argument {filepath} to use

php artisan basher:force-composer-update

force to update dependencies from laravel project creating a swap

php artisan basher:generate {option=all} {directory=PROJECT_DIRECTORY_NAME}

generate laravel models from mysql connection on .env file, add {option} and {directory} argument to generate models

  • now can generate one o more tables comma-separated
  • use PROJECT_DIRECTORY_NAME variable on .env to set default directory name
  • php artisan basher:generate
  • php artisan basher:generate all DevopsStable
  • php artisan basher:generate users,migrations,telescope_entries DevopsStable
php artisan basher:pull

move to project directory and pull content from repository

php artisan basher:push {commit=Avances Y-m-d H:i:s} {branch=master}

pushing files to git, type you {commit} name and {branch} name to push, if {branch} is empty, content will push to master branch

  • use quotes to set {commit} name
  • now exec git stash, pull and stash apply before push content
php artisan basher:reinstall

force to update this package

php artisan basher:revert {commidId} {branch=master}

revert files to a specific commit id and force to push content, add argument {commidId} and branch to continue, if {branch} is empty, content will revert on master branch

php artisan basher:tag {option} {tagname}

create a git tag and push content, add {option} (new/del) argument and {tagname} to continue

  • use quotes to set {tagname} name

Change log

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$ composer test


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Giftware License. Please see the license file for more information.