Library for automatic client server synchronization of data.



Who likes boilerplate code?

saveUserProfile(user) {
  HttpRequest.request(saveUserUrl, method: "POST", sendData: JSON.encode(user));

Future<User> loadUserProfile() {
  return HttpRequest.request(loadUserUrl, method: "GET")
      .then((data) => new User(JSON.decode(data)));

And now do not forget to call saveUserProfile whenever the profile changes on the client, to call periodically loadUserProfile to handle the profile changes on the server, to handle lost connection, and many others.

Let's the machine do the job!

Programming is about art, not about writting boilerplate code!

Wouldn't this be much simpler?

var userSubscription = subscriber.subscribe("users");
var users = userSubscription.collection;


users.onChange((changeSet) => displayUsers(users));

Now, whenever the users change on the server, we redraw the screen. Writing works similarly easy!

var user = users.findBy("_id", 3);
user["email"] = "";

That is it!

Can I use it now?

The project is in its early stage, still not feature complete nor bug free. It will take us few months to deliver first stable version. But stay in touch and we will notify you when the preview comes out. Just send us an email to

Can I help?

Definitely. We are looking for bright people that likes the idea and can help to polish it, improve it and work with us on it. We are definitely looking for new member of clean team! Just send us an email to

How does it work?

Short version: MongoDB and Dart.

Long version: Check the technological background.