simple mixins to allow any object to emit and receive events with arbitrary data types.



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Emitters provides a simple mixin class, Emitter, to enable any object to emit events with arbitrary data types. It also provides a convenience mixin class, Receiver, to assist objects in managing their handler functions.


import 'package:emitters/emitters.dart';

class Foo{}
class Bar{}

void main(){
  var emitter = new Emitter();
  emitter.on(Foo, (_) => print('Foo'));
  emitter.on(Bar, (_) => print('Bar'));
  emitter.emit(new Foo());
  emitter.emit(new Bar());

Example with Receiver

import 'package:emitters/emitters.dart';

class Dog extends Object with Emitter{
  void bark(int volume){
    emit(new Bark(volume));

class Cat extends Object with Receiver{
  void dogBarkHandler(Event<Bark> event){
    var bark = event.data;
    if(bark.volume > 10){
      print('cat running away');
      print('cat not disturbed');

class Bark{
  final int volume;

void main(){
  var dog = new Dog();
  var cat = new Cat();
  cat.listen(dog, Bark, cat.dogBarkHandler);
  dog.bark(9);  // cat not disturbed
  dog.bark(11); // cat running away
  dog.bark(11); // cat isn't listening to anything anymore


There is a special Type All which allows receivers to listen for every event data type emitted by an Emitter with a single handler.

/// raw emiiter
emitter.on(All, (_) => print('handling all emitted objects'));
/// receiver equivalent
receiver.listen(emitter, All, (_) => print('handling all emitted objects'));