A package to use Google Drive Realtime API from Dart scripts.



Dart Google Drive Realtime

This project is a library to use Google Drive Realtime API from dart scripts. It uses JS Interop library and its scoped approch to prevent memory leaks. You can have a look at Js Interop documentation for more informations.


To use this library in your code :

  • add a dependency in your pubspec.yaml :
  google_drive_realtime: ">=0.0.1 <1.0.0"
  • add import in your dart code :
import 'package:google_drive_realtime/google_drive_realtime.dart';

// for databinding part
import 'package:google_drive_realtime/google_drive_realtime_databinding.dart';

How to

Define custom collaborative objects

Build a Collaborative Data Model explains how to define custom objects in javascript. With this package, you can do almost the same things.

  • Define your own CollaborativeObject : it's mainly a wrapper of a javascript object. The registerType() static function allows to define the type.
class Task extends rt.CollaborativeObject {
  static const NAME = 'Task';

   * Register type as described in
   * This method must be call only one time before the document is load.
  static void registerType() {
    js.context.Task = new js.Callback.many((){});
    rtc.registerType(js.context.Task, NAME);
    js.context.Task.prototype.title = rtc.collaborativeField('title');
    js.context.Task.prototype.done = rtc.collaborativeField('done');

  /// create new collaborative object from model
  Task(rt.Model model) : this.fromProxy(model.create(NAME).$unsafe);

  String get title => $unsafe.title;
  bool get done => $unsafe.done;
  set title(String title) => $unsafe.title = title;
  set done(bool done) => $unsafe.done = done;

Have a look on custom-task example for more details.

  • Register this type before the document is loaded by calling registerType().


Apache 2.0