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This is an effort to advance the Dart GraphQL ecosystem.

It consists of multiple packages and libraries centered around GraphQL AST.



The core of this project is the GraphQL parser which parses GraphQL strings into an AST. The parsed AST can then be transformed, visited and printed back to GraphQL string.

Pub Package Library Description
version package:gql ast.dart GraphQL AST implementation with Visitor pattern and AST transformer
version package:gql language.dart GraphQL source parser and printer. Recognizes both operations and SDL
version package:gql document.dart Document and schema validation

Code generation

GraphQL language enables code generation to speed up development and move document processing to build-time.

We provide code builders to generate Dart source code and file builders which easily plug into standard Dart code generation pipeline.

Ideas for future work:

  • Typed resolvers for field resolution on the client or server
Pub Package Library Description
version package:gql_code_builder Various builders
version package:gql_build File builders


To enable development of GraphQL clients, we provide type definitions used to execute GraphQL operations. They include AST-based operation, request with per operation context, and response. These types are used by the Links.

Link is the current client implementation. Link is GraphQL AST-aware request/response middleware. They can be used to build a pipeline to deduplicate requests, conditionally transform requests and responses (including the context), and eventually send the requests to the server.

Ideas for future work:

  • websocket link for subscriptions
  • batched request HTTP link
  • retry link to handle network issues transparently
  • link for client-side request resolution
Pub Package Library Description
version package:gql_exec gql_exec.dart Implementation of types for GraphQL requests and responses
version package:gql_link link.dart Base for modular GraphQL execution interface
version package:gql_http_link gql_http_link.dart Link to execute GraphQL requests via HTTP
version package:gql_dedupe_link gql_dedupe_link.dart De-duplicating Link to avoid execution of identical requests
version package:gql_transform_link gql_transform_link.dart GQL Link to transform Requests and Responses. May be used to update context, document, variables, data, errors, etc.
version package:gql_websocket_link gql_websocket_link.dart GQL Link for subscriptions using websocket.
version package:gql_dio_link gql_dio_link.dart Similar to gql_http_link, A GQL Terminating Link to execute requests via Dio using JSON.


Pub Package Library Description
version package:gql_pedantic Lint rules used by all gql-dart/gql packages


Pub Package Library Description
version package:gql_example_cli Example usage in a CLI environment
version package:gql_example_flutter Example usage in a Flutter environment


Project Description
artemis Build dart types from GraphQL schemas and queries (using Introspection Query).
graphql A stand-alone GraphQL client for Dart, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.
graphql_flutter A GraphQL client for Flutter, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.
normalize Normalization and denormalization of GraphQL responses in Dart
ferry GraphQL Client for Dart
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The goal of this project is to expand Dart GraphQL ecosystem and to build a community around this vendor-neutral implementation.

Community contributions are welcome.


This repo uses multipack. To activate it run the following command.

pub global activate multipack

multipack provides a simple way of running commands in multiple packages at once. It builds a directed graph of packages to run commands in topological order.

Link all local packages by running

multipack pubspec override

Get all packages by running

multipack pub get

Clean up the pubspec file before publishing

multipack pubspec clean

See more usage examples in .github/workflows/dart.yml.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the GitHub.