A custom widget for creating beautiful payment(eg. credit or debit) cards on flutter.

credit-card, dart, debit-card, flutter, flutter-package, flutter-widget, payment


The PaymentCard class is a Flutter widget that displays a payment card with customizable properties such as the card number, card type, card holder name, and background image.


The PaymentCard widget takes several required and optional parameters such as:

  • cardIssuerIcon,
  • backgroundColor,
  • backgroundImage,
  • currency,
  • cardNumber,
  • validity,
  • holder,
  • cardType,
  • cardTypeTextStyle,
  • cardNumberStyles, and
  • margin.

Getting started

TODO: List prerequisites and provide or point to information on how to start using the package.


TODO: Include short and useful examples for package users. Add longer examples to /example folder.

const like = 'sample';

Additional information

TODO: Tell users more about the package: where to find more information, how to contribute to the package, how to file issues, what response they can expect from the package authors, and more.