Dart driver for RethinkDB.



Dart RethinkDB Driver

A Dart driver for RethinkDB.

This project is a fork of Dave Bettins rethink driver

Getting Started:

The driver api tries to align with the javascript and python RethinkDB drivers. You can read their documentation here.

clone the repository:

    git clone

open the project in Dart Editor and view examples.dart to see the available features and how to use them.

to include this driver in your own project add:

    import 'lib/rethinkdb_driver.dart';

to your project.

or add the package to your pubspec.yaml file:

    rethinkdb_driver: '>=0.2.0'

and import the package into your project:

    import 'package:rethinkdb_driver/rethinkdb_driver.dart';