Genesis Platform client libraries

pip install adc==0.0.2


Astronomy Data Commons Streaming Client Libraries

Libraries making it easy to access astronomy data commons resources.

Developer notes


To prepare for development, run pip install --editable ".[dev]" from within the repo directory. This will install all dependencies, including those using during development workflows.

This project expects you to use a pip-centric workflow for development on the project itself. If you're using conda, then use the conda environment's pip to install development dependencies, as described above.

Integration tests require Docker to run a Kafka broker. The broker might have network problems on OSX if you use Docker Desktop; run the tests in a Linux virtual machine (like with VirtualBox) to get around this.

Code Workflow

Write code, making changes.

Use make format to reformat your code to comply with PEP8.

Use make lint to catch common mistakes.

Use make test-quick to run fast unit tests.

Use make test to run the full slow test suite, including integration tests.

Once satisfied with all four of those, push your changes and open a PR.

Tag, build, and upload to PyPI and Conda

Tag a new version:

git tag -s -a v0.x.x

Build and release:

make pypi-dist
make pypi-dist-check
make pypi-upload
make conda-build
make conda-upload