ae namespace module portion lockname: named threading locks

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pip install ae-lockname==0.3.8


lockname portion of ae namespace package

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The portions (modules and sub-packages) of the Application Environment for Python are within the ae namespace and are providing helper methods and classes for to develop full-featured applications with Python.

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Execute the following command for to use the ae.lockname module in your application. It will install ae.lockname into your python (virtual) environment:

pip install ae-lockname

If you instead want to contribute to this portion then first fork the ae-lockname repository at GitLab, then pull it to your machine and finally execute the following command in the root folder of this repository (ae_lockname):

pip install -e .[dev]

The last command will install this module portion into your virtual environment, along with the tools you need to develop and run tests or for to extend the portion documentation. For to contribute only to the unit tests or the documentation of this portion replace the setup extras key dev in the above command with tests or docs respectively.

namespace portion documentation

More info on the features and usage of this portion are available at ReadTheDocs.