Astronomy tools built on the Toyz framework

pip install astrotoyz==0.1.3



Astro-Toyz is an astronomy package meant to be an addon to the Toyz web framework, which allows researchers and classrooms to visualize and interact with data stored on a remote server.

Currently the main additions of the astrotoyz package are:

  1. An astro-viewer tile, which is built on top of the Toyz image viewer but contains additional support for WCS, selecing regions of a plot, and other astro-specific tools
  2. Support for astropy Tables as a Data Source

In the future the goal is to make Astro-Toyz a front-end for astropy, allowing students to take advantage of data reduction tools with limited to no programming necessary.


Copy or clone the astro-toyz repository to your local machine

git clone .

Then enter the 'astro-toyz' directory and run

python install

to install astro-toyz. If you want to install all of required and optional dependencies you can run:

pip install -e .[all]

To just install the mandatory dependencies run

pip install -e .[base]


Astro-Toyz is still undergoing active development and in the future will contain numerous additional features, including displaying source catalogs on the image viewer.