setuptools command for running tests using tox

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pip install bernardomg.tox-test-command==1.1.6


tox Test Command

Command for running tox tests with setuptools.

This way the usual command for running tests will call tox:

python test

To achieve this the project should be using setuptools, and contain a file, where the test command will be overriden.

This is detailed in the usage section.

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  • Running test with tox in any project using setuptools
  • Running a specific tox profile


Documentation sources are included with the project, and used to generate the documentation sites:

  • The latest docs are always generated for the latest release, kept in the 'master' branch
  • The development docs are generated from the latest code in the 'develop' branch

You can also create the documentation from the source files, kept in the 'docs' folder, with the help of Sphinx. For this use the makefile, or the make.bat file, contained on that folder.


The project has been tested in the following versions of the interpreter:

  • Python 3.4
  • Python 3.5
  • Python 3.6
  • Pypy 3

All other dependencies are indicated on the requirements.txt file.

These can be installed with:

pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt


The project is offered as a Pypi package, and using pip is the preferred way to install it. For this use the following command;

pip install bernardomg.tox-test-command

If needed, manual installation is possible:

python install


The application has been coded in Python, and is meant for projects using setuptools.

It can be used to override the default test command with ease:

from tox_test_command import ToxTestCommand

    cmdclass={'test': ToxTestCommand},

This way the usual command for running tests will call the new command:

python test

It is possible to run a specific tox profile:

python test -p [profile-name]


The tests included with the project can be run with:

python test

This will delegate the execution to tox.

It is possible to run just one of the test profiles, in this case the py36 profile:

python test -p "py36"


Any kind of help with the project will be well received, and there are two main ways to give such help:

  • Reporting errors and asking for extensions through the issues management
  • or forking the repository and extending the project

Issues management

Issues are managed at the GitHub project issues tracker, where any Github user may report bugs or ask for new features.

Getting the code

If you wish to fork or modify the code, visit the GitHub project page, where the latest versions are always kept. Check the 'master' branch for the latest release, and the 'develop' for the current, and stable, development version.


The project has been released under the MIT License.