Create static html pages (with additional javascript functionality to copy text more easily) based on a dataset used for bronk.

pip install canni==3.0.0



If you are looking for the generated html code example (Triple Trouble):

If you are looking for the real, up-to-date versions, please use the following links:

Technical Design Goals/Criteria

  • lightweight
  • single page
  • avoid javascript as often as possible (tabs with css, copy requires javascript :[ )
  • offline portability (can save the file and open it from harddrive - still works)
  • easy to use
  • dataset source type as xutt (same as the linux terminal version of Canni: bronk)

Info about changes to the dataset

Sometimes when I feel like it, I'll update the used dataset here from the xutt repo to generate a more up-to-date example. If you have any specific change requests (regarding the dataset used for the example), please feel free to create issues (or preferably pull requests) in the xutt repo.


  • write a demo dataset instead of using xutt to demonstrate things without the triple trouble/guildwars2 terminology