Search for frequently visited directories

cd, directory, history, alias, search
pip install cdhistory==0.1



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This script is used to record the frequency of visits to particular directories through using the 'cd' function. The goal is to use this information to provide a way to quickly navigate to commonly visited directories.

To incorporate this functionality, first make sure that is available on your path and is executable. I like to create a symlink from the version in the repo to home/jdowner/bin, where it is called 'cdhistory'. Then add the alias.bash snippet to your .bash_profile or wherever you keep such things. An easy way to do this is,

The alias.bash snippet replaces the existing 'cd' function in bash with a wrapped version. The function behaves like the builtin cd command normally, but records the directories that are visited. However, if you prepend the first argument to 'cd' with a colon it will go to the best match using cdhistory, e.g.

cd :repos

will 'cd' to the path that best matches the string 'repos'. In effect, this is like creating aliases for commonly visited directories.