AWS Token Vending assuming roles

pip install cloudtoken==2.1.18



Cloudtoken is a command line utility for Unix environments for facilitating the steps required to authenticate with a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services and retrieve access credentials that can then be used by applications running in your local environment.

Why is this needed

Acme company has decided to institute best practices for access to AWS to ensure the security of their infrastructure. In order to do this they have decided that all employees must now assume a Federated IAM Role when accessing AWS and authentication must be provided by their in-house ADFS server which will use SAML to federate the authentication to AWS.

Through the use of different plugins Cloudtoken can facilitate the different steps required the accomplish the above goals.

Cloudtoken can:

  • Authenticate with ADFS.
  • Handle the SAML exchange with AWS.
  • Assume a Federated IAM Role and obtain ephemeral access keys.
  • Make the obtained access keys available to applications running in the local environment.

This is just a brief description of Cloudtoken, please see the full README.

Each plugin in has its own README file also. Please browse the plugin directories to read them.


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