Command-line interface for Remember the Milk.

pip install dftp==0.1.0


Don't Forget the Python

Don't Forget the Python is a command-line interface for Remember the Milk, an online task-management system.

Remember the Milk is very good at what it does - and is very easy to use in the browser and various apps - so Don't Forget the Python does not focus on duplicating its abilities, but instead adds a couple features that RTM doesn't currently provide, like exporting your tasks to pdf and printing your lists and tasks to the terminal. Currently, only a simplified version of tasks is supported (name and due or completed date).


Use pipx: pipx install dftp


From a terminal, run dftp and the list of available commands will be shown, including full help documentation.

New in Version 0.2.0

You can now filter tasks by various due and/or completed dates - on, before, or after a date (and between two dates). Run dftp tasks --help in a terminal to see the options.


This CLI uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.