dlk: Deep Learning Kit

pip install dlk==0.0.14


A Deep Learning ToolKit

This project is WIP.

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pip install dlk

git clone this repo and do

python setup.py install

What's this?

  • Provide a templete for deep learning (especially for nlp) training and deploy.
  • Provide parameters search.
  • Provide basic architecture search.
  • Provide some basic modules and models.
  • Provide reuse the pretrained model for predict.

More Feature is Comming

  • Tasks support
    • NLP
      • Classification
      • Pair Classification
      • Regression
      • Pair Regression
      • Sequence Labeling
      • Span Classification
      • Relation Extraction
      • Token Rerank
      • MRC SQuAD
      • Translation
      • Summary
    • CV
      • Classification
  • Generate models.

  • Distill structure.

  • Ensemble models for NLU(and check how to do this in NLG)

  • Training Strategy

    • Adversarial Training(FGM/PGD/FreeLB)
    • Schedule Loss(you can control the loss schedule)
    • Schedule MultiTask Loss(you can control the loss schedule for each task)
    • Focal Loss
  • Online service by triton.

  • Data Augment.

  • Support LightGBM. Will split to another package.

  • Make most complexity modules like Beam Search, CRF to be scriptable.

  • Add UnitTest

    • Parser
    • Tokenizer
    • Config
    • Link