Python tool to convert YAML shopping list into different formats

pip install foodlist==0.1.0


Export YAML shopping lists into different formats.


foodlist converts simple yaml shopping lists into different formats. This can be done in order to get a better layout or make them importable for other applications. Originally I built this to be able to write simple grocery lists on my computer and import them into, a wonderful iPhone application for shopping lists.

I tried to built it as abstract as possible, so that new formats could be added easily.


pyyaml for input parsing and pystache for filling the output template. If pystache is not available or no template was given, the context object is simply printed onto the screen.:

pip install pyyaml
pip install pystache


The package itself can be installed via PyPi:

pip install foodlist

Or if you must:

easy_install foodlist

This also installs the example data (template and base data) into the data folder in site-packages.


Create a yaml list like this:

- food
- more food
- tomatoes
- spinache

The executable can be given optional paths for base data needed to convert the list and a mustache template for output generation.

You can also put your files in the default search location:


Simple execution with format and the default base_data/template: list.yaml

Template and base data paths given explicitly: -b groceries.json -t groceries.mustache list.yaml

Additionally it is possible to pass a name and the format: -n "My awesome list" -f "" list.yaml


Adding new formats is rather easy. Just add a new converter method with the signature:

def new_converter_method(self, groceries_list, **kwargs)

The parameters are:

  • groceries_list = the object parsed from the yaml list
  • **kwargs additional arguments like base data path, etc
kwargs = {
             "format" : "desired format",
             "name" : "name of the list",
             "base_data" : "path to base data file"

Then add it to the listformats dict:

listformats = {'keyword': self.new_converter_method}

And that's about it.


  • more (or any for that matter) test cases
  • more formats


Sophia Teutschler for and letting me include the json base data.