Frostmark - A simple bookmark manager.

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pip install frostmark==0.1.0



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Frostmark is a simple bookmarks manager. It can import all bookmarks from multiple browsers, list the imported bookmarks and export them via HTML format.

The goal for the future is to be able to extensively manage the bookmarks both via console and GUI interface, automatically search the system for the available browsers, import the profiles without explicitly specifying paths to the browser profiles and export all or only specific folders even directly into the browser's bookmarks.

Feel free to open a pull request with your improvements for the project, open an issue in case of bug or a feature request and come and talk about the project in the Matrix community


You can install the package with:

pip install


The documentation is hosted via here.


After a successful Python package installation you can invoke frostmark like this:


To access the help page just add --help after the command you want:

frostmark -h
frostmark --help

Currently the development is aiming for console version support first:

frostmark console -h
frostmark console --help

Importing bookmarks

The browsers store your bookmarks in a place called "profile". Frostmark will list each (in this case Firefox) profile on a new line for you with:

frostmark console -p firefox
frostmark console --list-profiles firefox

After you know what profile you want to import your bookmarks from, pass the same profile location to the command that imports it:

frostmark console -i firefox <PROFILE PATH>
frostmark console --import-bookmarks firefox <PROFILE PATH>

Mostly you will only have one profile unless you ask the browser to create more e.g. with signing with multiple Firefox accounts to Firefox or multiple Google accounts to Chrome.

Listing bookmarks

To check whether the import was successful you can list the bookmark tree with:

frostmark console -l
frostmark console --list-bookmarks

Exporting bookmarks

Sometimes you just want to move the bookmarks between the browsers. For that you can import the bookmarks from a browser profile into Frostmark and then simply export it into a format another browser understands:

frostmark console -x PATH
frostmark console --export-bookmarks PATH


To add new features, fix existing stuff or propose other changes clone the repo first to your machine:

git clone

Then install it in an "editable" mode, so that the changes you do in the repo are reflected right when you do them instead of re-installing the package to Python again and again:

pip install -e .[dev]
pip install --editable .[dev]

After you do some changes in the repo, run the style checker and test runner to prevent causing bugs: