Open a Github project in a browser from the command line

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pip install gh==0.0.2


gh - a tool to open Github projects in a browser from the command line


  • Install and execute to open a Github project in your browser from the command line
  • Useful for command line git users e.g. to push changes and open up a PR git push origin feature/mything && gh --pulls
  • Must from within the root directory of a checked out repo

Install the CLI and view the available options

$ pip install gh
$ gh --help

Open a projects pull requests page

$ cd your-repo-dir
$ gh --pulls

Open a projects releases page

$ cd your-repo-dir
$ gh -r

Available options as of 0.0.3

  --home               Open the Home page (Default action)
  -p, --pulls          Open the Pull requests page
  -b, --branches       Open the Branches page
  -s, --settings       Open the Settings page
  -r, --releases       Open the Releases page
  -t, --tags           Open the Tags page
  -c, --collaboration  Open the Collaboration page
  -w, --wiki           Open the Wiki
  -i, --issues         Open the Issues page

Feel free to fork/PR any contributions