Collection of utilities, middleware, decorators for graphql-core>=3.0

pip install graphql-utilities==0.1.0



graphql-utilities tries to secure your GraphQL API from malicious queries and provides utilities to make using graphql-core easier.

  1. It comes with a custom configurable ExtendedExecutionContext class that is capable of performing:

    • query cost analysis: define the cost of your queries using the @cost() directive provided, graphql-utilities provides helper functions and custom execution context to protect you from overly complex queries.
    • depth limiting: limit the maximum depth of queries, it's especially useful with object types with recursive relationship
  2. It also ships decorators for:

    • resource-level/one-shot middleware: middleware in graphql-core is run at field-level, it is handly when you need your middleware to run only once, especially auth-related middleware.


pip install graphql-utilities

Alternatively, if you use pipenv:

pipenv install graphql-utilities


Operation-level middleware (One-shot middleware)

from graphql_utilities.decorators import run_only_once

class AuthMiddleware:
    def resolve(self, next_, root, info, *args, **kwargs):
        # middleware logic
        return next_(root, info, *args, **kwargs)   

Limiting Query Depth

# import your schema
from graphql import execute, parse   # Requires `graphql-core>=3.0`
from graphql_utilities.execution import ExtendedExecutionContext

query = '{ field_1_str field_2_int field_3_obj { field_3_obj_sub_1 { xxx } } }'
graphql_sync(schema=schema, source=query,
               context_value={"depth_analysis": {
                   "max_depth": 2   # Maximum depth allowed
               execution_context_class=ExtendedExecutionContext     # Use the `ExtendedExecutionContext` provided in `graphql-utilities`

Query Cost Analysis

See the documentation at


In recent projects, I ran into some problems with graphene and graphql-core including missing operation-level middleware (See issue here), etc. graphql-utilities is a compilation of utilities and custom execution context for depth analysis, etc targeting graphql-core>=3.0.


Any form of contribution, feature requests, bug reports, pull requests are largely welcome.


MIT Licensed. GraphQL logo is licensed under Facebook BSD.