Push directory to Telegram channel

pip install hattifnatt==0.1.1


Push directory to Telegram channel

Hattifnatt watches a directory for changes and creates, updates or deletes files in a Telegram channel accordingly. File digests and message IDs are persisted in a state file (named .hat), so even updates that occur when the watcher is not running will be pushed correctly. Note that Telegram will sometimes corrupt the file names on upload; this will not break anything, but cannot be fixed by this tool, either. Any Telegram chat could theoretically be used---not necessarily a channel---but the bot API limits deletion of old messages in personal chats.

A single command-line tool is provided, hat, that watches the current directory, reads the Telegram bot token from the environment variable TOKEN, the Telegram chat ID from the environment variable CHAT, and the glob patterns to watch from the command-line arguments (all files are watched by default). The tool can be stopped by ^C.

Alternatively, the function hattifnatt.push(chat, patterns) performs the same function programmatically. It accepts chat, a telegram.Chat object (obtained from telegram.Bot.get_chat), and a list of glob patterns. For now it does not support pushing directories other than the current one.