Detect radio bursts with variying intensity

pip install kalman_detector==0.0.4



Implementing the Kalman filter detector for detecting smoothly variying signals buried in gaussian noise (like fast radio bursts).

[Please do not use yet]

Main functions:

Using the cumulative chi2 score of DFT(signal)


#Using the Kalman Score:

First, we compute the coefficients for the exponential tail

kalman_transition_sigma_list, coeffs = kalman_prepare_coeffs(channel_stds, kalman_transition_sigma_list, n_random)

stds[i] = var[sig[i]] sig_ts = [list of transition stds for the smooth noise process] #coeffs = [coefficients for the tail distribution of the score. computed using previous function]

Here we compute the score itself.

significance_kalman = kalman_significance(sig, stds, sig_ts, coeffs)

If you use it, please cite Zackay et al (in prep)