LentoDVD Speed Limiter

pip install lento-dvd==0.1.0


LentoDVD Speed Limiter

Control the maximum speed of your DVD/CD drive from the system tray. Works with Ubuntu Unity and Gnome.

Uses the eject tool to set the speed limit.




$ sudo apt-get install eject
$ sudo pip install lento_dvd


To run LentoDVD, start it from Unity Dash or Gnome Desktop Menu (whichever desktop you use).


Project directory layout

  • bin/ - entry point scripts
  • img/ - image files used in runtime (icons)
  • lento_dvd/ - root application package (all source code)
  • Makefile - provides basic tasks for development
  • setup.py - python packaging script
  • README - readme file for distributed package, autogenerated by make doc
  • README.md - this file

Python 2 and Python 3

Current indicator implementation runs on both Python 2.7 and Python 3. All tests are executed on "both pythons".

Running and testing

Running tests

$ make venv  # run only once, or run again to re-create the virtualenv
$ make tests

Getting test coverage (reports to ./coverage/)

$ make cover

Creating python source package

$ make sdist

Running without installing

$ make run

Building and installing/uninstalling locally

$ sudo make install
$ sudo make uninstall

Cleaning up the project directory (remove dist/, *.pyc, etc.)

$ make clean

Generating README from README.md

$ make doc

Publishing to PYPI

$ make publish

Reminder - release process

  1. Make changes, update and run tests, ensure good coverage
  2. Update setup.py and change the version according to semantic versioning
  3. Tag new version; tag format is 'vX.Y.Z'; e.g.: v1.2.1
  4. Push changes and a new tag
  5. Publish to PYPI


Copyright 2016, Pete Burgers

This Application Indicator is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Boilerplate code adapted from Vagrant AppIndicator, thanks @candidtim!