Tool for restoring magento install from predefined backups

pip install magerestore==0.1


What is this?

Magerestore is a tool to automate fetching backups from a remote server and unpacking them on a magento installation.

Database import and media folder unzipping is the ony currently supported operations.

Magerestore uses n98-magerun to handle some tasks, but are not required for all operations.

How to get started

  • Install any required packages for cryptography
  • Install magerestore with pip install magerestore
  • Install n98-magerun (n98-magerun.phar must be in your $PATH variable)
  • Setup non-interactive access to the backups magerestore will interact with. SSH keys are recommended.
  • Copy the magerestore.json file to your magento root directory and edit the paths to suit your needs.


cd /your/magento/directory
magerestore restore mysql
magerestore restore media