Monte Carlo Particle Lists : MCPL

pip install mcpl==1.2.1


This is a source distribution of MCPL - Monte Carlo Particle Lists.

Included are the core utilities for reading and writing .mcpl files: A binary
format with lists of particle state information, for interchanging and
reshooting events between various Monte Carlo simulation applications. The core
utilities include both command line tools and programming interfaces for C/C++
and python.

MCPL I/O hooks for Geant4 ( and MCNP (SSW files) are included in
this distribution as well. Hooks for McStas ( and McXtrace
( are already included directly upstream in those applications. A
few examples of how to use the Geant4 hooks, or how to interact with MCPL files
from standalone C code, are also provided. Refer to the FILES file for more
information about included files, and refer to the INSTALL file for build

MCPL and most code distributed here was written 2015-2019 by Thomas Kittelmann
( The MCNP-SSW converters were written in close
collaboration with Esben Klinkby (, and the McStas and McXtrace
converters were written by Erik B. Knudsen ( and Peter
Willendrup ( The PHITS converters were written in close
collaboration with Douglas Di Julio (

See the file LICENSE for usage conditions.

A substantial effort went into developing MCPL. If you use it for your work, we
would appreciate it if you would use the following reference in your work:

   T. Kittelmann, et al., Monte Carlo Particle Lists: MCPL, Computer Physics
   Communications 218, 17-42 (2017),

The latest version of MCPL and further instructions and documentation can be
found at

Note that instructions for installation and setup of third-party products like
Geant4, McStas and MCNP are beyond the scope of this file. Please refer to the
products own instructions for more information.