A molecular docking framework.

molecular, docking, development, framework
pip install murdock==0.10.12


Murdock: A Molecular Docking Framework

Murdock is a Python package for the development and testing of automated molecular docking solutions. It has been developed as a convenient and efficient platform to implement new search algorithms, scoring functions, multi-step docking workflows and other features on a reliable platform, test them quickly and use the rich output to analyse advantages, disadvantages and issues of a new method. In addition, Murdock comes with a set of end-user scripts and presets, so that it can be used by anyone solemly to obtain scientific data, for which only a basic knowledge of command-line tools is required.


The current Murdock version and (especially) its documentation are at an alpha stage.

Please refer to the documentation to get started. Please make use of one of the feedback channels to request support, ask a questions, comment on the software, report a bug, propose a new feature or offer support.