Export and _enhance_, takes Notion's export and makes it just a bit more usable.

notion, so, notion-py, markdown, md, export, enhance, enhancer
pip install notion-export-enhancer==0.0.4


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Notion Export Enhancer

Takes a export .zip and enhances it by:

  • Removing all Notion IDs from the end of folders and files
  • Adds Unicode Emoji to start of folder/file names if it was in your Notion notes
  • Retruncates note titles to 200 characters instead of 50
  • Applies Notion's modification time to the file data itself
  • Moves root md files into the folder with their name, giving them a name like ! instead so they sort to the top.

folders with emojis


  • Remove empty notes (ones with only links)?
  • Rewrite csv + md tables into md tables where appropriate?
  • .exe instead of .py?
  • Image captions should become MD alt image text, not a separate paragraph
    • Would require exporting everything ourselves, paragraph after image is ambiguous

Supports Python 3.6+

Usage from CLI

  • Export your notion workspace
    • You can export a single workspace from Settings > [Workspace] Settings > Export Content > Export all workspace content

Notion export menu for where to export workspace

  • Choose export option "Markdown & CSV"
  • pip install notion_export_enhancer
  • Then run like python -m notion_export_enhancer [token_v2] [path_to_zip]
    • token_v2 is your token, which can be obtained by inspecting your browser cookies on a logged-in (non-guest) session on

There are also some configuration options:

  • --output-path: Optionally set an output path, otherwise uses the current working directory
  • --remove-title: Removes the title that Notion adds. H1s at the top of every file (default false)
  • --rewrite-paths: Rewrite the paths in the Markdown files themselves to match file renaming (default true)