Library to parse and apply unified diffs

diff, parse, patch, python, unified-diffs
pip install patch==1.14.2


Library to parse and apply unified diffs.

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  • Python 2 and 3 compatible
  • Automatic correction of
    • Linefeeds according to patched file
    • Diffs broken by stripping trailing whitespace
    • a/ and b/ prefixes
  • Single file, which is a command line tool and a library
  • No dependencies outside Python stdlib
  • Patch format detection (SVN, HG, GIT)
  • Nice diffstat histogram
  • Linux / Windows / OS X
  • Test coverage

Things that don't work out of the box:

  • File renaming, creation and removal
  • Directory tree operations
  • Version control specific properties
  • Non-unified diff formats


Download and run it with Python. It is a self-contained module without external dependencies. diff.patch

You can also run the .zip file.

python diff.patch

Installation is self sufficient. You can copy it into your repository and use it from here. This setup will always be repeatable. But if you need to add patch module as a dependency, make sure to use strict specifiers to avoid hitting an API break when version 2 is released:

pip install "patch==1.*"

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