Parameter estimation tabular data

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pip install petab==0.4.1


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petab - a Python package for handling PEtab files

PEtab is a data format for specifying parameter estimation problems in systems biology. This repository provides the petab Python package for reading, writing and validating PEtab files.


Documentation of the petab Python package is available at Documentation of the PEtab format in general is available at


The PEtab library is available on pypi and the easiest way to install it is running

pip3 install petab

It will require Python>=3.10 to run. (We are following the numpy Python support policy).

Development versions of the PEtab library can be installed using

pip3 install

(replace develop by the branch or commit you would like to install).

When setting up a new parameter estimation problem, the most useful tools will be:


Examples for PEtab Python library usage:

Getting help

If you have any questions or problems with this package, feel free to post them at our GitHub issue tracker.


Contributions and feedback to this package are very welcome, see our contribution guide.