An Cython-accelerated version of common pyteomics functions

pip install pyteomics.cythonize==0.1.1


This package re-implements several of Pyteomics functions in C using Cython and the Python-C API. Currently, only commonly used functions in pyteomics.mass and pyteomics.parser are implemented, providing faster sequence manipulation and mass calculations. Every effort has been made to make the user-facing interfaces identical to their pure Python counterparts.

These functions are also exposed in the package's C-API so that other C-Extensions can make use of them.

This package also re-implements the pyteomics.mass.Composition type in C using Python's dict as a base.


This package provides two modules, pyteomics.cmass and pyteomics.cparser, which mimic a subset of the APIs of pyteomics.mass and pyteomics.parser respectively. For example:

from pyteomics import cmass, mass

assert cmass.fast_mass("PEPTIDE") == mass.fast_mass("PEPTIDE")