Roman numeral to/from converter scripts

pip install romanum==0.1


Roman numeral conversion tools

The scripts (and functions) r2n and n2r will convert roman numerals to integers and natural numbers to roman numerals, respectively. Error handling is nonexistent.


  • Conversion to/from integers in standard form with absolute value of 1-4999 or 0, when represented with 'nulla'
  • Conversion to/from integers, when the overline in vinculus forms is replaced with parentheses groups.

Doesn't work:

  • Input validation: Use -f and input clean inputs or face errors.
  • Decoding some rarer "nonstandard" forms.


  • Decoding vinculus forms to/from LaTeX etc..
  • Nice errors handling / warnings.
  • Proper packaging: verify that pip works & register to PyPi