Toolkit for sanic usage

sanic, rethinkdb
pip install sanic-service-utils==0.6.3


Utils for sanic microservice development

sanic-service-utils set of utils to use with sanic framework


sanic-service-utils is available as a python library on Pypi. Installation is very simple using pip :

$ pip install sanic-service-utils

This will install sanic-service-utils as well as external dependency.

Basic usage

Basically sanic-service-utils is just set of blueprints for sanic and additional stuff. You should name you app correctly to use this set.


All blueprints can be found in listeners module.

anji_orm_configuration: Basically, setup register when you start app and stop it, when you stop app. Blueprint use variables ANJI_ORM_CONNECTION_STRING from configuration to configure register.
sentry_configuration: Configure sentry for web server, use variable SENTRY_DSN from configuration.
backgroun_task_configuration: Set empty list like variable tasks_list to sanic app that will be cancelled on server stop. Please, use listener after_server_start to add new tasks.
aiohttp_session_configuration: Just configure aiohttp settion like async_session variable for app.
jinja_session_configuration: Just configure jinja render system like jinja variable for app.
log_configuration: Just configure logging for app by app name.
sanic_session_configuration: Configure sanic session plugin, you should add variable session_interface with SessionIntreface object to sanic app object.