Wrapper around the Shopify API using requests.

shopify, requests
pip install shopify-requests==0.4.0


Shopify Requests

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ShopifyRequests is an API client for Shopify built on top of the requests library.

The main goals of this project are:

  • remove boiler plate code needed to do a single API call
  • work well with testing libraries like VCR and RequestsMock
  • easy to use

There are also future plans to support http2, asyncio, and GraphQL.


from shopify_requests import RestClient

client = RestClient('', access_token='abc123')
response = client.get('shop.json')

The RestClient is the configuration point so that all requests made with it will have the same options. Some of the options you can configure are:

  • Oauth token vs private app token
  • API version
  • Safe retries
  • Rate limit backoff

For more configuration options check out the API Docs

An additional benefits of using the same client is that it will reuse the same TCP connection so the SSL handshake only has to happen once.

Did you find a bug or have a question?

The issue board will be the best place to reach out and get the problem sorted out.