A light-weighted IRC client

pip install simple-pyirc==0.0.1


Simple PyIRC

This project aims at providing a very simple IRC client that can be easily used in Python scripts to ouput some results or information.

The client is written in Python3, respects PEP-8 syntax and should be fully documented with reST-formatted docstrings.

It supports both RFC 1459 and RFC 2812 server implementations.

This project is not a full-blown IRC client. It is not meant to act as a bot which would listen and react to IRC messages. For such usage, refer to PyPI's irc package for instance. This IRC client is meant to be lighter and simply send messages to a channel or to an another user from time to time.


The targeted use case is to be able to connect to a set of specific channels on a server, keep the connection alive and be able to send messages to this channel from time to time when other components of the project require it.

from simple_pyirc import IRCClient

irc_client = IRCClient("", "mynick")


# Do something ...

irc_client.privmsg("#chan", "Result: 42")

# Do something else ...


Or one can also use the context manager if a quick connection is required:

from simple_pyirc import IRCClient

with IRCClient("", "mynick") as irc_client:
    irc_client.msg("#chan", "Hello & Good Bye !")