just another mod to print strings in 256 colors in the terminal.

pip install string-color==1.2.3



string-color is just another python module for coloring strings in print statements.


$ pip install string-color

Python Module Usage

from stringcolor import * 
# a few examples without background colors.   
# for color names see CLI usage below.   
print(cs("here we go", "orchid"))   
print(cs("away to space!", "DeepPink3"))   
print(cs("final fantasy", "#ffff87"))   

# bold and underline also available.  
print(cs("purple number 4, bold", "purple4").bold())  
print(cs("blue, underlined", "blue").underline())  
print(bold("bold AND underlined!").underline().cs("red", "gold"))
print(underline("the bottom line."))

# yellow text with a red background.   
# color names, hex values, and ansi numbers will work.   
print(cs("warning!", "yellow", "#ff0000")) 

# concat
print(cs("wild", "pink")+" stuff")
print("nothing "+cs("something", "DarkViolet2", "lightgrey6"))

# use any working rgb or hex values.
# it will find the closest color available.
print(cs("this will show up red", "#ff0009"))
print(cs("so will this", "rgb(254, 0, 1)"))

# use with format and f-strings
print(f"this is a test {cs('to check formatting with f-strings', 'yellow', 'grey').bold().underline()}")
print("this is a test {}".format(cs('to check the format function', 'purple', 'lightgrey11').bold().underline()))

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CLI Usage

usage: string-color [-h] [-x] [-r] [--hsl] [-a] [-v] [color]

just another mod for printing strings in color.

positional arguments:
  color          show info for a specific color:
                 $ string-color red
                 $ string-color '#ffff87'
                 $ string-color *grey* # wildcards acceptable
                 $ string-color '#E16A7F' # any hex not found will return the closest match

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -x, --hex      show hex values
  -r, --rgb      show rgb values
  --hsl          show hsl values
  -a, --alpha    sort by name
  -v, --version  show program's version number and exit

$ string-color

display a list of all 256 colors

$ string-color yellow

show color info for the color yellow

$ string-color "#ff0000"

show color info for the hex value #ff0000

$ string-color *grey*

show all colors with "grey" in the name. also works with "grey*" and "*grey"

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