A Lightweight RPC framework for Python

pip install thinrpc==0.1.18


thinrpc: A Lightweight RPC Framework for Python

This library provides a base class and some decorators to make it easy to build distributed applications. RPC endpoints are defined as class methods and decorated with RpcModule.Method, which registers the endpoint with the event-based RPC server dispatching requests to registered methods.

The RpcRemote class is an abstraction allowing applications to invoke methods on remote nodes using method call syntax. See the example below for an illustration!

    Simple RPC server responding to invocations of the
    'hello' method with a pleasant greeting
import sys

from thinrpc import RpcModule, RpcRemote, RpcApplication, OK

class FooNode(RpcApplication):

    def __init__(self, port, name):
        self.addr = ("localhost", port)
        self.name = name

        # Start the RPC server

    def hello(self, sender):
        return OK, "Hi, %s! It's %s" % (sender, self.name)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    node = FooNode(9090, "Anson")

And now for a simple client script that invokes the hello method on the server application defined above.

import thinrpc
import sys

# Say hi to the server!
server = thinrpc.RpcRemote(("localhost", 9090))
#{'result': "Hi, ('', 49440)! It's Anson", 'err': False}